Code of Conduct & CARES

As organisers of ACM IMX 2021, we aim to provide a safe, respectful, and harassment-free conference environment for everyone involved regardless of age, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, nationality, marital status, military status, veteran status, religious beliefs, dietary requirements, childbirth- and pregnancy-related medical conditions or childcare requirements. We also respect any other status protected by laws of the country in which the conference or program is being held.

ACM IMX abides by (and supports) the ACM’s Privacy Policy and the ACM’s Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct. In participating within ACM IMX, attendees acknowledge ACM’s Policy Against Harassment at ACM Activities and agree that behavior such as the following will constitute grounds for actions against them:

  • Abusive action directed at an individual, such as threats intimidation, or bullying
  • Racism, homophobia, and other behavior that discriminates against a group or class of people
  • Sexual harassment of any kind, such as unwelcome sexual advances or words/actions of a sexual nature

If you are involved in or witness any such incident, please inform the IMX General Chairs, the IMX Diversity Chairs or feel free to choose another of the IMX Organising Committee.

You can also reach out to SIGCHI CARES for support. SIGCHI CARES exists to serve as a resource for those who experience discrimination and/or harassment around our professional events. CARES supports such individuals by allowing them to work with established members of the SIGCHI community, who are approachable and willing to listen and help navigate the SIGCHI and ACM reporting and accountability process.​ SIGCHI CARES does not replace the role of the General Chairs for IMX 2021 or the ACM process. SIGCHI CARES is co-chaired by members of the SIGCHI executive committee.

Finally, of course, the ACM has procedures for reporting incidents if you wish to follow the route independently.

For any questions or additional information, please contact the diversity chairs at

  • Kate Grandprey-Shores, Riot Games, USA
  • Aisling Kelliher, Virginia Tech, USA
  • Wei Tsang Ooi, National University of Singapore, Singapore

For any questions or additional information specific to accessibility, please contact the accessibility chair at

  • Michael Crabb, University of Dundee, UK

General Chairs

  • D. Yvette Wohn, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
  • Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy, BBC R&D, UK

* We’d like to acknowledge the work done by ACM CHI 2019, ACM FAT* 2020, ACM CHI Play 2020, ACM CHI 2021 and ACM IUI 2021 in crafting statements which we have built on. These are all excellent resources to look at.