Diversity, Inclusion, & Accessibility

ACM IMX is committed to making the conference diverse, inclusive and accessible to all communities. As such, we have included diversity chairs and accessibility chairs in our organising committee. In due time, this page will be updated to reflect our thinking on:

  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Relevant Diversity, Inclusion & Student Grants
  • Accessibility of the Conference
  • Accessibility FAQs

As you can see our thinking is still work in progress, however, we are keen to hear from you. If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to reach out!


Diversity Chairs at: diversity@imx2021.com

  • Aisling Kelliher, Virginia Tech, USA
  • Kate Shores, Riot Games, USA
  • Wei Tsang Ooi, National University of Singapore – NUS, Singapore

Accessibility Chair at: access@imx2021.com

  • Michael Crabb, University of Dundee, UK

General Chairs

  • D. Yvette Wohn, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
  • Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy, BBC R&D, UK

We look forward to hearing from you!