Carer Support Grant

What is the Carer Support Grant?

The IMX organizing committee recognizes that participation in conferences – even virtual ones – can be challenging for some members of our community who are primary caregivers for family members. This is especially true during this time of great global uncertainty. The IMX Carer Support Grant is intended to enable primary caregivers who would otherwise not be able to attend IMX 2021 without alternative caregiving arrangements. 

Who is eligible?

The grant is for participants who will attend IMX 2021.

Evaluation committee and criteria

Applications for the Carer Support grant will be evaluated by the three members of the IMX Diversity and Inclusion committee (Wei Tsang Ooi, Kate Shores, and Aisling Kelliher) and the IMX Accessibility Chair (Michael Crabb). Real and apparent conflicts of interest between committee members and applicants will be managed to ensure the integrity of this Carer Support grant program. The four committee members will evaluate the applications based on the described applicant need, the lack of alternatives for caregiving without financial support.

The application

The grant application form (link below) asks for some basic information about the applicant, a budget that describes the caregiving expenses necessary for attending the conference, and disclosure of any other IMX funds/support applications. The maximum that may be requested is $300 (US) and up to 10 individual grants can be awarded. 

Application deadlines and application form link

Applications for the Carer Support Grant will open on April 14th, 2021 and will close on June 1st, 2021. The <form link> will be activated on April 14th.


Applicants will be notified one week after the submission deadline if their application has been accepted. Proof of registration for the IMX conference will be required in order to issue reimbursements.

Multiple support requests.

Applying for other support for IMX is encouraged and welcomed! We ask that you disclose any other IMX funds/support you have already had offered or awarded, any funds/support you have applied for (and are awaiting an outcome) and any funds/support you are planning to apply for. Given our limited IMX conference funds, it is important that everything is disclosed in any application so that the committee can fairly consider all applications in light of all possible supports.

For further information

If you have any questions about Carer Support Grant or need additional information, please contact the diversity chairs at

Wei Tsang Ooi, (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Kate Grandprey-Shores, (Riot Games, USA)

Aisling Kelliher, (Virginia Tech, USA)