I registered and want to get into IMX 2021 on OhYay?

How to get help if you can’t get into IMX 2021 on OhYay?

ACM IMX 2021 will be hosted on OhYay! During the conference (21st-23rd June), if you encounter any difficulties accessing the conference, please email us for support. Remember that you have to be registered in order to attend the conference.

How to get help if are already at IMX 2021 on OhYay?

If you have registered, you will be able to sign into the IMX space on OhYay and take part in the conference. You will be sent an email with details on where to go and how to join before the conference is scheduled to start. For instance, attendees who registered before the 17th of June, 2021 (16:45 ET) were sent an email on the 17th of June 2021. We will continually keep an eye on the registrations and send emails to new registrants as soon as we can.

We will have friendly and helpful student volunteers who will be able to help you naivigate the space and we will also have wonderful student volunteers who will be ‘wearing’ an SV badge (as depicted in the image).

We will also have technical support from OhYay around during the conference. Your friendly student volunteers will be able to direct you to them if they can not solve any problems you might encounter.

Student Volunteer Badge on OhYay

How to get help if you encounter harrasment or discrimination at IMX 2021?

We hope you have a safe, fun and engaging conference with us. However, if you encounter any issues of harrasment or discrimination, IMX 2021 is working with SIGCHI CARES in order to ensure you have support. We have a dedicated page where you can get some information.

On the IMX OhYay space itself, we will have a link to CARES support on the map accessible by clicking the icon on the top left hand corner. That link will take you directly to a ‘room’ where a student volunteer or our allyship diveristy & inclusion chair (Kate Grandprey-Shores) will be able to offer support.

How to get help with access at IMX 2021?

All queries around access needs can be directed to our accessiblity chair (Michael Crabb) on email. We will be providing captions and sign language interpretation (ASL) for most of the content and discussion at IMX 2021 on OhYay. This has been made possible through a collaboration with the SIGCHI Adjunct Chairs for Accessiblity. Our accessibility chair has also made all ACM IMX contributions to the ACM Digital Library fully accessible. However, we are still open to taking in further requests by email.