Important information

• Each attendee must register separately.
• Each conference contribution must be covered by at least one unique full non-student conference registration. This is valid for Long and Short papers as well as Work in Progress, Demo and IMX-in-Industry submissions. However, DC papers can be covered with a student registration.
• Workshop papers must be covered by either a full non-student conference registration, or by a full non-student non-virtual workshop registration (i.e. Monday 12th).
• In order to attend workshops, you must at least have a workshop registration.
• Registering for the full conference gives access to all workshops on June 12.
• All registration prices include VAT.
• Special Rates for Individuals in Economically Developing Countries are offered, considering the location of the institution.
• Info for Doctoral Consortium Participants and Student Volunteers will be published soon.
• Please, check the ACM IMX 2023 Diversity, Inclusion, and Student/Carrer Grants.
Registration platform is now open.

However, we know that you may have a unique set of circumstances which does not fit into existing processes so please contact our Diversity & Inclusion chairs for more information and to discuss your needs: In the meantime, here is an overall indication of the registration fee plan for the conference this year.

May you require a letter for your visa application to attend the conference, please read the following. You first need to register on CVENT; do not forget to click on “Yes” when asked “Do you require a Visa Support Letter”. You will then be asked to send an email to ACM in order to receive your invitation letter.

  Registration type    Early (until May 18)    Standard (until June 2)  Late (after June 2)
Conference Monday workshops
Thursday workshop only  Conference  Monday workshops only Thursday workshop only Conference  Monday workshops
Thursday workshop only
Members 600€ 145€ 70€ 650€ 160€ 85€ 700€ 180€ 100€
Non-members  650€ 160€ 85€ 700€ 180€ 100€ 750€ 195€ 115€
Members from developing countries 250€  30€ 15€ 300€ 45€ 30€ 350€ 60€ 45€
Non-members  from developing countries  275€ 45€ 30€ 325€ 60€ 15€ 375€ 75€ 60€
Member students 250€ 30€ 15€ 300€ 45€ 30€ 350€ 60€ 45€
Non-member students 275€ 45€ 30€ 325€ 60€ 45€ 375€ 75€ 60€








If you have already registered and you want to modify your registration (e.g. change registration name) please send an email to: with your registration details and any modification request.


For further details, please get in touch with:

Diversity Chairs at:
Lucile Sassatelli, Université Côte d’Azur, France
Frédérique Krupa, École de Design Nantes Atlantique, France

General Chairs at:
Patrick Le Callet, Nantes Université, France
Matthieu Perreira Da Silva, Nantes Université, France