IMX 2023 – Imaginary in Motion

#Ohlala, only 3 days left to submit your papers for #ACM #IMX2023 Work-in-Progress, Doctoral Consortium, Industry Talks & Exhibitions, and Demos tracks! 😱


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Great news: some of the IMX 2023 workshops have announced an extension of their submission deadline! 🤩


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📣 Many ways to contribute to the #ACM #IMX2023 🤩

The following calls are still open: Work-in-Progress, Doctoral Consortium, Industry Talks & Exhibitions, Demos, and Workshops ✍️

IMX 2023 will be held in Nantes from June 12 to 15 🇫🇷
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📣 #ACM #IMX2023 #workshop announcement (7/7): WICED x Cinemotions – Intelligent Cinematography and Editing, and Emotions in Movies 🎥🎞

Deadline: March 20
Workshop: June 12

More information:

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📣 #ACM #IMX2023 #workshop announcement (6/7): WAMEXP – Visual Attention in Multimedia Experience 👀👁️🧠

Deadline: March 20
Workshop: June 15

More information:

#multimedia #experience #visual #attention

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Some calls for contributions are still open!

Workshops, Work-in-Progress, Doctoral Consortium, Demos, Industry Talks…
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The ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences (IMX) is the leading international conference for presentation and discussion of research into interactive media experiences. It brings together researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, from human-computer interaction, multimedia engineering and design, to media studies, media psychology and sociology.

IMX 2023 will be held in Nantes, West of France, from June 12 to 15, 2023. The theme of the conference is Imaginary in Motion. In fact, the city of Nantes has been a landmark in French artistic and creative life for several decades. Its cultural ambition can be summed up in one simple aphorism: conceiving reality out of the imaginary

Nantes’ imaginary peregrinations are perhaps best embodied in the person of Jules Verne, father of science-fiction, whose vision and inspiration deeply influenced the city. From “Les Machines de l’île”, an artistic project displaying several large-size automata, to “La Cité des Imaginaires”, a large architectural centre celebrating imagination, Nantes offers a large choice of cultural landmarks at every meander of the “green line”, a path in the city joining its most singular elements.

More precisely, Les Machines de l’île correspond to a completely unprecedented project. It is the only place where one can find at the same time Jules Verne’s “Invented words”, Leonardo da Vinci’s mechanical universe, as well as Nantes’ industrial history. As their name suggests, these Machines are located on island of Nantes, which is nothing less than the city’s former shipyards’ exceptional site.

© Grand Eléphant, Les Machines de l’île Nantes                               Jean-Dominique Billaud (Le Voyage à Nantes)