Diversity, Inclusion & Student Grants


This year, as in years past, we have been working hard to provide as much travel support to as many conference attendees as possible. TVX/IMX 2020 will be carrying out a number of initiatives to support diversity and inclusion in addition to student participation. These initiatives are aimed to cover different types of travel support for: Doctoral Consortium attendees (DC), students from under-represented communities or developing regions, as well as childcare and grant to support attendees who are on an extended period of leave from work for reasons including parental leave, disability or other circumstances. 

The SIGMM Travel Grant for TVX/IMX

In addition to standard travel grants open to all academic participants, IMX has received special funds from SIGMM to support the following initiatives. Please note that these initiatives and the budget required are yet to be approved by SIGMM Executives. We will update this page as soon as we receive the final approval. For now, keep an eye on this page and work on your TVX/IMX 2020 submissions

With this initiative we aim to support our DC participants in attending TVX/IMX this year. The DC will be held on 17 of June 2020, and will provide a forum for doctoral students to share their work and ideas with fellow PhD students, and with more experienced researchers in their field to get feedback and suggestions from a range of other people. Based on our experience of previous TVX/IMX conferences, we expect 5-7 participants attend TVX/IMX 2020 DC. 


  • Open submission call: 14/3/2020
  • Submission deadline: 13/4/2020

In addition to standard travel grants open to all academic participants, we have received a special support from SIGMM to support up to 4 students from under-represented communities and the developing regions to attend IMX 2020. Each award recipient will receive up to $1,000 for applicants and up to $2,000 fo cases where long haul travel is required towards covering the costs of flights, accommodation, conference registration($100), visa fees, ACM student ($19) and SIGMM ($15) membership fee for a year. 

The purpose of this initiative is to support graduate students from under-represented communities and the developing world to attend IMX 2020. We understand that these students often struggle to cover the cost of attending a conference to present their work or simply get exposure to the broader network of research that a conference can provide. With this initiative, we aim to support such students in order to nurture new talents in the community. 

Note that the recipients will only receive the amount into their bank accounts only after they have attended the event. An advance on the amount cannot be given nor will we negotiate the amount. We would like to help you get involved with the conference more than attending the talks, therefore we may ask you to carry out a maximum of 5 hours of volunteer work (e.g. social media updates) during the event. 

Please note the following:

  1. It is required that the applicant is a student registered at a university. The SIGMM registration form asks for prove of registration.
  2. It is required that the awarded applicants attend the conference and sign the form at the IMX desk at the conference. If the form is not signed the award will not be transferred to your account. 



We acknowledge that many of TVX/IMX attendees are parents who need extra support with their children in order to attend the conference. We value these participants and would like to provide them with financial assistance to subsidize a variety of child-care options in order to include a broader group of attendees and their families to TVX/IMX 2020. The support would be used as a contribution to: travel costs for children (2-6 years), travel costs for a companion who provides the childcare and on-site or babysitting during the conference arranged by the parent.

We greatly value the initiative started by the general chairs of TVX 2019 that aimed at supporting attendees who were unable to gain funding to attend the conference due to being on an extended period of leave from work for reasons including parental leave, disability or other circumstances. We would like to continue on this and make it part of TVX/IMX inclusivity culture and provide participants with free registration for the conference and contribution to support other costs such as a contribution to their travel and accommodation, the attendance of a partner or carer or other expenses incurred in connection with a disability.

Important information

The application deadline and process (where and how to apply) will be announced after we receive formal approval from SIGMM Executives. Travel grant awards are meant to be a contribution towards the cost of attending and participating in TVX/IMX 2020. Recipients of the awards would be asked to provide receipts demonstrating expenditure before reimbursement. The exact number of awards will depend on the availability of funds and will be determined as funding amounts are finalized.

Additionally, TVX / IMX continues to encourage students applying for the following grants in order to support travel and attendance.

ACM-W Scholarships for Attendance at Research Conferences

Deadline: 15th April 2020

This fund is for female students of all levels, and is also available for students who don’t have a paper at the conference.  It covers $600 for in-continent travel and $1200 for travel between continents.

More information

The Gary Marsden Student Development Fund 

Deadline: The last day of February, May, August and November

The reviewing results are sent to the applicants in three weeks after the application deadline.

This fund is aimed at post-graduate (Masters and PhD) students in developing countries and covers up to $3000 for attending a SIGCHI sponsored conference like TVX/IMX.

More information

The SIGCHI Student Travel Grant (SSTG) for TVX/IMX 

Deadline: 1st November 2019

The SIGCHI Student Travel Grant (SSTG) program is intended to enable students who lack other support opportunities to attend SIGCHI sponsored or co-sponsored conferences. This travel grant is intended to support students whose intention is to present at a SIGCHI sponsored conference, not just attend. Detailed information about how to apply is available here:

More information

If you have any queries regarding issues of financial/non-financial support and/or the initiatives highlighted in this page, please email us.