Accessibility faqS


ACM TVX / IMX and SIGCHI are fully committed to Accessibility. Accessibility touches all aspects of a conference, from travelling to and back, site selection and budgeting to catering, social events and onsite logistics. The SIGACCESS Accessible Conference Guide are being followed to ensure IMX 2020 conference is as welcoming and accessible as possible. Key information about the conference, the venue and how to reach it are provided in the Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility section of the website. This page provides more detailed information about Accessibility features and services being arranged and considered.

The Organizing Team does hope that the provided information can help you make an informed decision about whether the conference will be accessible to you. If any specific information is not provided, if any question is not answered in the FAQs page, or if the conference arrangements as described are not enough to allow you to attend and you have any further special request, please contact the Accessibility Chairs, and we will work with you to the best of our ability to keep you informed, and improve the accessibility of the conference.

As the organizers of IMX / TVX 2020, we are committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and respectful conference environment for all attendees. 

We’ll ask that all conference attendees respect diverse  identities. Please, use their stated names and pronouns. At IMX / TVX 2020, this information will be included right on attendees’ badges. If you’re not sure – please ask! 

As an ACM conference, TVX / IMX and its organizers, speakers, and attendees are bound by and the ACM Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment, and the organizers fully endorse this policy.

Our policy against discrimination and harassment* includes but is not limited to sexual harassment, use of ethnic slurs or derogatory terms relating to an individual’s gender or sexual orientation and threatening, intimidating, or hostile acts. The policy further describes the complaint procedures and remedial actions and policy applicability.

This ACM policy supersedes any policy, supplemental guidelines or by-laws enacted or adopted by any ACM SIG or Chapter or any other ACM subunit concerning discrimination or harassment.


Please, have a look at the Diversity & Inclusion section of the website to check our commitment to a welcoming and safe environment. 

IMX / TVX 2020 values the diversity of our community, and aims to be an accessible and inclusive conference. The Accessibility, Local and General Chair will aim to ensure the conference is accessible to everyone. 

When you register for the conference, there will be a registration question labeled “Please describe any specific accessibility or dietary needs here.” In your response, please indicate any accessibility needs such as wheelchair access, sign language interpretation, captioner, audio description,  magnetic loop or a guide. If you prefer to ask before registration, you can do so by e-mailing the Accessibility Chairs, and they will follow up with you to clarify your needs. 

Note that some requests may require advance notice, so please submit accessibility requests as far in advance of the conference date as possible in order to give us adequate time to prepare.

For more detailed information about accessibility at IMX / TVX 2020, please check the venue webpage, phone the venue information desk at +34 93 551 06 60 or e-mail the Accessibility Chairs. If there is a specific accessibility information you would like to see here, or if you wish to discuss any accessibility requirements, please contact our Accessibility Chairs, and you will get a reply shortly.

For information about Barcelona accessibility, including public and private transport, check this website.

For information about Barcelona accessibility, including public and private transport, please check this website or ask our Accessibility Chairs by e-mail.

The deadline for accessibility requests is May 15th. Getting the requests in advance will help ACM and the Organizing Team to achieve the necessary resources and prepare such requests with more margin. If you still have any accessibility enquiries after the deadline, please feel free to contact our Accessibility Chairs by e-mail, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

The conference will provide a team of sign language interpreters, audio describers, and  captioners if requested by any attendees during the early registration period. If you need such services, please make your request as early as possible. The Accessibility Chairs will follow up with you to discuss your needs in more detail. After the early registration period, a best effort will be made to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee that interpreters or captioners will be available for requests at that time.

Guidelines on preparing accessible PDFs and accessible presentations will be provided to the participants, which will be encouraged to follow them.

We will be using the ACM’s new TAPs system to ensure that all final camera-ready submissions will be published as accessible PDF and responsive HTML formats and made available online in advance of the conference start date. Access to written material during the conference can be also given, under request.

IMX 2020 values that many attendees are parents and would be highly benefited from childcare support. For that reason, we have requested funding for childcare support to ACM. Details will be provided at the website as soon as they are available, but feel free to contact our Diversity Chairs by e-mail if you have any related question or suggestion regarding childcare.

The conference will be held at Citilab, a Living Lab easily reachable from the Airport and Barcelona city center. The address is:

  • Citilab
  • Pl. Can Suris s/n
  • 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat
  • Barcelona (Spain)

The best way to reach the conference venue directly from the airport is by taxi, as the distance is around 12 km, and travel will take around 12 minutes. Reaching the venue from the airport by bus is also possible, and will take around 32 minutes, with the last 500 meters on foot. The Google Maps estimations and instructions can be found here.

Barcelona doesn’t have Uber, but has Cabify ( ) where you can request a service from the airport. 

There is a public taxi service for large groups up to 7 or 8 people or wheelchairs that can be booked from here:  

The Citilab website provides information about how to reach the venue via different public transport modalities, and by car, and there are car parks near the venue.

Getting the venue from the main train station, which is Barcelona Sants, will take less than 30 minutes, by Metro or Tram. The Tram stops just in front of the conference venue. The Google Maps estimations and instructions can be found here.

Guidelines and information about accessible transport in Barcelona can be found here.

Student volunteers will be available to assist attendees with disabilities with navigation, meal service, or other accessibility needs. If you will need volunteer assistance at the conference, please indicate this on your conference registration form.

Attendees who require personal care assistance should bring their own assistant. They must also notify this on the conference registration form to get a free registration for the assistants.

For the overall layout of the venue, please refer to its website. Detailed information about where the rooms and areas for all conference sessions, tracks and social events will be provided once having the program, but everything will be accommodated in the same building

Wheelchair accessible restrooms are next to the rooms. The registration desk will be adjacent to the building entrance and main auditorium. 

The program on the website and the printed version will provide detailed information about the space, and how to reach each dependance.  

Please see our other FAQs for more details about wheelchair or power scooter access, provisions for presenters, restrooms, walking and steps, and facilities for assistance animals.

Yes. Both a meditation area and a nursing room will be available for the conference attendees.

Yes, the conference will be accessible to wheelchair or power scooter users. 

Accessible lifts will provide access to all levels of the building. All rooms and areas used for the conference will have wheelchair spaces. Volunteers will be available on request to help wheelchair users. Presentation space for wheelchair users will be also appropriately arranged and prepared, but please contact the Accessibility Chairs by e-mail if any special arrangement needs to be made.

The location of wheelchairs or scooters within a room will follow health and safety regulations, to secure adequate evacuation if required.